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  • Bringing together neurological spinal surgeons under a common roof and ensure their communication,
  • To provide education and training on spinal surgery and peripheral nerve surgery, to transfer current developments, to organize national or international meetings,
  • Coordinating and supporting clinical, anatomical and experimental studies, multicenter research,
  • To closely monitor the national and international development of Spinal surgery and peripheral neurosurgery, to produce methods and policies, to organize their relations with national and International related organizations.

Working groups of Turkish Neurosurgical Society:

  1. Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Surgery Group
  2. Pediatric Neurosurgery Group
  3. Neurooncology Group
  4. Skull Base Surgery Group
  5. Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Group
  6. Epilepsy Surgery Group
  7. Neurovascular Surgery Group
  8. Neurotrauma and Intensive Care Group
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